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Call for Entries: 2019 Summer Residency Program

If you have landed on this page directly without visiting our website first, we strongly encourage you to read more about residency program, the application guidelines, and residency FAQs before beginning your application.


Each year, the Saltonstall Foundation awards free residencies to New York State artists and writers in the following disciplines:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction & Creative Nonfiction
  • Photography & Filmmaking
  • Painting | Sculpture | Visual Arts

NEW in 2019: This year we will also be awarding a 6-night funded residency to New York State artist/writer parents! 

A Saltonstall residency is a small community. We strive to provide a quiet, inviting, respectful, and nurturing community for creative individuals looking for uninterrupted time to focus on their craft. 

There are just 5 individuals in residence at a time: one poet, one fiction or creative nonfiction writer, one photographer or filmmaker, and two visual artists. Each group of five arrives and departs at the same time. 

We believe in and value a diverse community of creative individuals. To  that end, we hope that all artists and writers feel welcome to apply for  a residency, regardless of one’s level of education, experience, race, age, sex, religious belief, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or national origin.

There is no cost to attend Saltonstall, and this year, for the third time, there is no application fee associated with this application. Additionally, to help offset travel to Ithaca and other personal expenses, we have increased our stipends to $750 for each month-long Fellow, $375 for each two-week Fellow, and $200 for each artist/writer attending our pilot 6-night residency for parents.  

All applicants must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and must be residents of New York State ** (all counties). Residencies are for individual artists and writers. We are unable to accommodate groups or pairs of people working together. It is expected that those selected for a residency live at the colony for the duration of the residency period.

Dates for our 2019 residencies are as follows

NEW! Our pilot 6-night residency for artist/writer parents:

  • Saturday, May 4 – Friday, May 10

Please note: this residency is strictly for artist/writer parents who have at least one dependent child (under 18) at home.

Our 4-week residencies:

  • Monday, May 13 – Thursday, June 13
  • Monday, June 17 – Thursday, July 18
  • Monday, July 22 – Thursday, August 22

Our 2-week residencies:

  • Monday, August 26 – Monday, September 9
  • Wednesday, September 11 – Wednesday, September 25

Applicants may apply for either our pilot 6-night residency for parents or the month-long residency or a two-week residency (not a combination). For those applying for the longer residencies, you will be given an opportunity to rank your choice of dates within the application. 

All applicants (including those applying for the 6-night residency for parents) may apply in more than one artistic or literary category, however a complete and separate application for each category is required.

Past Saltonstall Fellows (residency alumni) must wait one year after their residency before reapplying. For example: an alum from 2017 may reapply for a 2019 residency. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 11:59 pm on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

- We convene a different jury for each discipline. Jurors serve anonymously and change each year.

- Your application is considered solely on the merit of your work sample and your artist's and writer's statement.

- Your work and statement are presented anonymously to the jury, and it is the only part of your application that they see. 

- All applicants are notified on or before March 15, 2019.

Please note: Since our jurying process is anonymous, it is very important that you do not identify yourself in any way within your statement or work samples. Do not include information such as your name or your age.

- Do not "credential" yourself. Your writer's or artist's statement should not mention where or when you went to school or where you've been published, exhibited, etc. Simply talk about the work that the jury is reviewing.

If there are errors, your application will be disqualified, and we don't want that to happen!

Please carefully review the instructions for the discipline in which you are applying before you begin the application process. Good luck! 

** To be eligible for a Saltonstall residency, you must be a resident of New York State.

What does this mean? Simply put, you must be currently living and working in the State of New York. If you are a resident of New York State, you generally have some combination of the following:

  • a New York State voter registration card
  • a New York State driver’s license
  • proof of a lease or mortgage for real property in New York State
  • utility bills for your New York State place of residence
  • New York State income tax returns
  • New York State bank accounts

We apologize that we cannot accept your application if you are currently living elsewhere and plan to move back to New York in time for the residency. We will be happy to receive your application in the following year once you are a full-time New York State resident.


Please take a moment and reflect on whether or not you would accept a  residency if selected. (Because it might happen!) Our Call for Entries —  from initial announcement to jurying to selection — takes a significant amount of time, financial resources, and human resources. We hope you’ll apply  with intention and be ready to say “yes!” if offered a residency.

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